Abnormal Shooters was founded on 12-12-2004 by  Lithium (Jeffrey (cousin of Erik)), Weeper (Chris) and Badghost (Erik).

We started at the game Call of Duty 1. We were first together in the clan VSE and synonyms of that clan. But it didn’t worked out anymore so we decided to start our own team, #A.s~.
The start of the clan was a success, we attracted very quick a couple of gamers like;
Xzibit ( Guus contacted on CoD), Zorrex ( Joël contacted by Erik, same school ) , Shadow ( Ruud contacted by Chris, same school) , Nilliej ( Niels contacted just on CoD ), Woody ( Ruben contacted on CoD). With this team we were growing and growing, there were players who came and left like; Motion ( Nicolas ), Kai ( - ) , Spark ( Luuk ), Blazer ( - ), .  After a few months of gaming we attracted other players like Achilles ( Bartosz) , Surv (HarmJan friend of Bartosz), Leet0r (Berry friend of Niels). Nevertheless this time will always stay in our memories.
Just to give some ideas of memories; Laughable moments with Luuk that had agressive attacks and that he was swearing like he was dying for real! Or the emotional moments, when the dad from Guus was in the hospital. We were always there for everyone.

Our skill was like low, but though we had a great time. Our ex-clan VSE were our rivals, and we always were bitching against eachother. But after all #A.s- survived and VSE didn’t.
We played alot of pcw’s and officials, we even reached a rank 6 on the 2on2 ladder on Clanbase in that time. Quiet fun though, no one expected it and the hate upon us was growing.

It was a tense time, Dec 2004 till Sept 2005. In that time we got know eachother better, especially the players; Spark, Leet0r , Badghost, Lithium,Weeper and Nilliej. We also had a clanmeeting in August 2005 in WalibiWorld ( Sixflags). That were good times.  

After  September 2005 it was over, #A.s~ was only in our mind and heart. We threw the towel in the ring. Mostly everyone went their own direction. But still stayed in contact on msn and xfire. Chris and Erik have always been together, sometimes almost  got out of sight, but luckily we always found eachother back. So the days, weeks and months passed by, in that time we have been in several clans together, most of the time in pow ( playing on weed ).
But also seperated from eachother. Meanwhile the clan pow, we started the #A.s- account again 10-09-2006, just for Chris and me to play 2on2 cod1, but a few members of pow joined us too. Like Maarten (Death), Jasper (Frag) and Robin ( Known)  .. So the story went on and playing for pcw’s and officials to reach a high rank on several ladders, but didn’t went very well...........

And now anno 2008 we’ve a long history together.
Playing cod1, codUO, cod2, WoW, KO and many more games together brought us closer to eachother and know alot more of eachother, just like we are brothers...
Now we hope to start the clan Abnormal Shooters again and that many good things may happen on CoD4! I wish everyone good luck and a nice time.

Yours ,  

Erik “Claydolf aka nOokeih“ van Ommen , oldskool Badghost.

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